How to Fix Instagram Can’t Refresh Feed Error

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is just another social site which didn’t take much time to enter into almost every body’s mobile phone. The app offers the experience to share photos and other media files and later an option to have a conversation was also included. If you want to share your pictures and videos, then there is no other place better than Instagram. Even after being so popular and favorite, it also has some issues and “Couldn’t refresh feed” is one of them. The error is popping out on the screen, leaving people perplexed.

Maybe your Instagram is also showing the same issue, leaving you confused as to why the problem is appearing. It is hard to comprehend the reason since the error appears even when you have good internet speed and connectivity. Now, it is time to get done with bothering yourself. All you have to follow the methods and tips to fix the Instagram error. So now, pick up your phone and get ready to resolve the issue.

Instagram Refresh Feed Error

Here’s how to fix Instagram cannot refresh feed error

Check the Internet connection

If you are using Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable connection then immediately check if the connection is good or weak. Open another app running on internet connection like Facebook to test the network connection. If the network is vulnerable, then contact your service providers right now.

Updating the Instagram app

If your Instagram is outdated, then it is time to update the app. Sometimes, the older version starts to display the error as it is struggling against a bug. Hence, updating the app and receiving a newer version could resolve the issue. You can also change the settings to auto-update so that you won’t face the same error because the phone will update the app automatically.

Try Restarting Instagram

Close the app completely by closing it from the background. If you are using the iOS device, then tap and hold an app and swipe off every app opened. The Android users must click the tabs button and then swipe left or right to close the Instagram and try re-launching it. It should resolve the error, but if it doesn’t work then skip to the next method.

Reinstall the Instagram credentials

  1. If the problem is not resolving then, you must clear the cache of the app.
  2. Open Settings app in your handset.
  3. Now, go to App and swipe to All
  4. Scroll down to Instagram and tap to open.
  5. Now, tap Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  6. Close the Settings menu and launch
  7. Re-enter the details to use the app.
  8. Now, check if the problem persists.

Report Instagram

When your favorite thing is causing a problem, it will become frustrating undoubtedly. In that case, contacting the developer might bring you some options to fix the error.

  1. Go to the Settings of your app.
  2. Now click Report a Problem.
  3. Click the Something isn’t working option.
  4. Now share your problem.
  5. The developer will surely assist you with the problem you are facing.

Reinstall the Instagram

  1. If the problem is persisting, then you must reinstall the app on your phone.
  2. Go to settings menu and tap to open Apps.
  3. Again, go to All and navigate to Instagram.
  4. Tap to open the menu.
  5. Select Uninstall.
  6. Now open your App store and download Instagram again.
  7. This will work when you are fed up with all the methods, and the outcome is negligible.

Instagram is an important app now for some people and not able to use it is a huge problem for them. The methods will help you to sort out the issue in your Instagram app so don’t hesitate to try them out.

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